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Uncle John's Hospitality is delighted to add a Catering Service to our growing complement of services. We provide delicious home cooked meals allowing you more time to do all the things you've always wanted to but never had the time!

When it comes to variety UJH has an advantage. With more than two and a half decades of experience, UJH can cater to any culinary needs. Crafting a menu is an art and science at UJH, keeping in minds the needs and environment. With the distributed buying concept, centralized storage and effective inventory logs, UJH can meet any demands-anywhere at any time.

Man's quest for new and more opened up new avenues for exploration, industrailization, entertainment...
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It can be a big project, any location, big wedding, beach party, big conference. Satisfying the basic needs, UJH offers reilable service with personal care.

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  • "Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it, you can never get it back."
    Harvey MacKay